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    Phone Service Over Satellite - VoIP Service & Equipment
    $129.95 a month (includes 1000 free minutes per month and $0.04 cents per minute for additional minutes
    Available north america mexico and centro america  For  fixed  Satellite Systems Using  idirect Satellite Service

    Optimized and Cost Effective Voice Calling Over Satellite
    If you require standard phone service over satellite,  specializes in Satellite VoIP phone service & equipment when using our iDirect network. fixed  dishes can have up to 40 simultaneous phone conversations with service rates comparable to terrestrial phone providers. And since our network is optimized for phone communication over satellite, callers are often unaware they are speaking over a satellite connection. This service is available globally.

    Benefits Of VoIP Satellite Phone Service With idirect
    Plug-and-Play Crystal Clear Calls Over Our Premium Satellite Network.
    Use any phone that will work identically to any landline phone, including a local phone number.
    Connect 1 to 40 phones. Have 40 simultaneous calls over one satellite connection.
     low latency  
    (500-650 milliseconds), callers are often unaware they are speaking over satellite.
    Monthly service is $129.95 per month and includes 1000 free minutes (16.6 hours) per month.
    Anything over 1000 minutes is charged a reasonable $0.04 cents per minute.
    Phones will work over ANY Internet connection, not just over our satellite network.
    Move the phone anywhere. It keeps the same phone number no matter your location.
    Phone service has all the standard features such as voicemail, activity, call-forwarding etc,..
    Local phone numbers (in most countires) can be assigned to your phones.
    Faxing over satellite - we offer FoIP services for using any group 3 fax machine.
    Online Portal - Track your account online from anywhere voip login
    Easy to start. All equipment is configured, tested and plug-and-play ready when shipped.